about our plants – they grow!

Our plants grow! It’s what we do for you!

We’ve been doing this quite a while. Beginning with a leap of faith, we discovered our passion: being intrigued with how green growing things (plants) grow! The plants, themselves, have been and are our teachers. They teach us what they want or need, what they like and do not like. They can be very clear about this. Our trials and errors have made us astute observers of plants’ amazing behaviors.

Using what we learned early on, we developed our own unique Westview Farms growing style that we use today: to simulate actual natural garden growing conditions in our greenhouses. Our plants receive no supplemental heat or light or chemical regulators that would force “artificial”, too early, unnatural growth. Overhead irrigation is kept to a minimum to simulate natural cycles of rain and drought. Fertilization, too, is kept to a minimum. Our plants are never “junk food junkies” that expect their new owners to support an expensive fertilizer “habit”.

Our evolved growing practices might even be described as tough love. Although we sometimes refer to our plants as “our babies”, we do not coddle them. We do love them but we know that when they leave our care, they have to be ready to survive and thrive in the real world. Planted in the right location our plants’ requirements are few and our plants do grow!

Westview Farms Plants

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