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Buddleia with Butterflies
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our plants grow.

Well, duh! It sounds so simple but it’s really the crux of what we do. Many years ago we decided to start a nursery business even though we had virtually no horticultural background or education. Looking back we still wonder “what were we thinking?!?!” But the greatest benefit of our leap of blind faith was that we had no preconceptions about the “right” way to grow plants. Because we didn’t know the rules and were forced to learn by experience the plants, themselves, became our teachers.

The plants themselves taught us what they wanted or needed, what they liked and did not like. Believe us, they are very clear about those things. Trial and error may not be the easiest way to learn, but it made us become astute observers of plant behavior.

Learning from the plants, we developed our own unique Westview Farms growing style: to simulate actual natural garden growing conditions in our greenhouses. Our plants receive no supplemental heat or light that would force too early growth; overhead irrigation is kept to a minimum to simulate natural cycles of rain and drought. Fertilization, too, is kept to a minimum. Our plants are never junk food junkies that expect their new owners to support an expensive fertilizer “habit.”

Tough Love
Even though we sometimes refer to our plants as “our babies”, and you might even occasionally catch us talking “baby-talk” to them, we do not coddle them. We do love them but we know that when they leave here, they have to be ready to survive and thrive in the real world. When planted in the right location our plants’ requirements are few.

Our Goal is to provide you with lean, mean growing machines that graduate from pots to garden or landscape with no transplant trauma. You too will come to know that Our Plants Grow!

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