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Edibles - Tomatoes


Westview Farms LLC has selected and offers to you a wonderful collection of tasty tomato plants to grow in your garden or in containers. Choose from trusted heirlooms and hardy hybrids for tiny plant-to-mouth cherry-size toms, flavor-filled salad and sauce toms on up to the big guys for the burgers. So many colors, sizes, textures and shapes!

But don’t stop there. In time to grow peppers for the summer menu, too, Westview Farms LLC has sweet sweet peppers and spicy-to-hot hot hot pepper plants to stimulate your palate and “mix it up” for you this season. In the “HOT” categories you might want to really stretch and try a Habanero, or a Carolina Reaper, or a Trinidad Scorpion? Maybe even a Ghost pepper !?! And don’t forget to include some beautiful “ornamental” peppers for those fabulous containers on the patio.

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