Buzz Buggs™

Buzz BuggsMeet the Buzz Buggs –  a Westview Farms LLC exclusive.

This unique, iconic and very popular catnip toy was conceived of, designed, cat approved and are handcrafted right here at Westiew Farms LLC.

Sturdily constructed in a wide range of fashionable fabrics, featuring, not one, but TWO genuine leather tails (legs, feelers, whatever), Buzz Buggs™ are stuffed with our fresh harvested and dried “home grown” catnip.

Freshness is the key. Our Buzz Buggs™ don’t travel across an ocean or sit for months in warehouses or on store shelves. They are produced in small artisanal batches to come to you direct, local and “fresh from the farm”.

Be sure to watch for special “holiday” editions of Buzz Buggs™ including Luvv Buggs™ (Valentine’s), O’Buzz Buggs™ (St. Patrick’s), Easter Buzzies™ (Easter), Boo Buggs™ (Halloween) and Humm Buggs™ (Christmas).

Cat Grass

‘Cat Grass’ (aka pet grass, wheat grass) is a gluten free, leafy green containing Vitamins A, B complex and C, antioxidant nutrients and beneficial enzymes.

Cat grass is widely considered a valuable source of fiber, an aid to digestion and providing gentle hairball relief.

Unlike some sources, we grow cat grass in a natural way, without chemical inputs like fungicides and growth regulators. This delicious and healthy treat is always available at Westview Farms’ Pet Pantry display in our booth at the Holland Farmers Market.

See more pet friends enjoying pet grass!

Catnip (nepeta cateria)

CatnipAlthough we’re told that about 10% of cats do not respond to the charms of catnip, the 90% of our feline friends definitely “DO GET IT!”

Whether your kitties get mellow, sweet and lovey; happy loose or goofy; feisty, rowdy or just a bit crazy, they will definitely love you for bringing them their favorite recreational natural herbal treat from our Westview Farms’ Pet Pantry in our booth at the Holland Farmers Market. We offer our catnip plants in a 4” pot for use as a container grown ‘cut and come again’ herb.