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Our goal is to provide you with lean, mean growing “machines” that graduate from pots to garden with no transplant trauma. You too will come to know that our plants grow!

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Westview Farms LLC is known for its selection of species and cultivars of flowers, herbs, vegetables, shrubs, flowering spring bulbs and garden conifers site-suitable for Midwestern gardens and landscapes.

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Westview Farms LLC also provides a range of garden and landscape services including consultation, design, installation and maintenance.

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our plants grow!

We’ve been doing this quite a while. Beginning with a leap of faith, we discovered our passion: being intrigued with how green growing things (plants) grow! The plants, themselves, have been and are our teachers. They teach us what they want or need, what they like and do not like. They can be very clear about this. Our trials and errors have made us astute observers of plants’ amazing behaviors.

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    “It begins with soil,
    the living soul
    of the garden . . .”

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