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Michigan Landscape Services


"I love my gardens. Knowing that Westview Farms will be here to do the 'work' that needs doing, when it needs doing, frees me to 'play' in my garden whenever I have the time." -Tanya Sheridan, Douglas, MI

"As I said to Kay recently, referring to maintaining my mixed border, 'I couldn't do it without you. You are so helpful in cleaning up in the spring and in maintaining later in the season. You accomplish so much in a short time. I really appreciate your knowledge and expertise'." -Thelma Brouwer, Holland, MI

"How does my garden grow? Beautifully, with Kay & Lee." -Fred Hoesli, Maintenance Client, Holland, MI

Holland, MI plant & landscape maintenance

"We love having conversations with [Kay and Lee] about plants and design ideas for our expanding gardens. Their love of what they do and attention to their customers brings so much happiness to so many people, especially our family. It gives us great pride to walk through our large perennial garden because of the lovely plants we purchase from Lee and Kay." -Terry & Darlene Bouwman, Holland, MI

"Along with getting the finest quality plants, they know their stuff, will forthrightly tell ya that 'there's no way that iris is going to grow in the sand under your picnic table.' And along with the finest in plants, and their breadth of knowledge, comes their genuine warmth. They spend time with you-chatting and laughing and asking 'What's up?' and commiserating over the early frost and sending you off with a plant the way a parent sends a kid off to first grade." -Julie & Jack Ridl

"Kay's workshop on 'Kaycrete' a.k.a. Hypertufa was solid and rewarding and the one on herbs was tastefully presented." -J.C.

We live in Grosse Pointe, on the east side of the state, but make a trip to the Holland area at least twice a year. No trip is ever complete without a visit to Westview Farms...we always seem to purchase several of Lee and Kay's plants to accompany us on our trip back home. Lee and Kay truly pride themselves in offering the highest quality in flora and the advice to keep us from making serious mistakes. Either they or we have to move closer to one another. -Lorie Johnson & Randall Cain



  • Consultation: Assessing expectations and determining goals, site analysis and evaluation, planning, preparation and planting recommendations <read more>
  • Design: Design services for large or small projects <read more>
  • Installation: site preparation and plant installation for gardens and landscapes <read more>
  • Maintenance: Professional care and upkeep programs, renovation and rejuvenation of gardens, beds, and borders <read more>
  • Container Planting: Potted-to-order planters, tubs or window boxes for patios, decks or commercial sites <read more>
  • Education: Experienced speakers available for lectures and workshops <read more>

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Landscape consultation & designCONSULTATION:

Exploring and evaluating client expectations; determining and prioritizing goals; Site analysis that includes design considerations, such as views, backgrounds, uses and existing cultural conditions i.e. sunlight, soils, root competition, exposure and water availability. Procedural planning regarding bed preparation, and recommendations for appropriate plant materials.

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Landscape design services

Design services for large or small projects. Professional in-house, award winning design staff.

Site preparation: clearing area (sod, roots, weeds), amending soil as needed, install plants, mulch, and fertilizer.

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Seasonal (Spring and Fall) or Season Long
Landscape installation & maintenance
Our maintenance programs are tailored to the unique situations of each garden or landscape. They are based on observation, monitoring and experience, not an arbitrary schedule. No cookie cutter programs.

Specialists in restoration or rejuvenation of perennial flower gardens, beds and borders.

  • Monitoring conditions - integrated pest and disease controls using environmentally sensitive methods and treatments
  • Appropriate fertilization programs
  • Pruning, thinning and deadheading
  • Plant support and staking
  • Weed control
  • Division, transplanting, replacement
  • Careful application of "mulch materials"

Our practices are "hands on" practices; all materials are applied carefully and appropriately.

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Speakers at home & garden shows

CONTAINER PLANTING: Potted-to-order planters, tubs or window boxes for patios, decks or commercial sites; your design or ours.

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Experienced speakers are available to present lectures, seminars or workshops on a number of horticulture related topics. Programs have been provided for Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park, West Michigan Nursery & Landscape Association, Michigan Master Gardeners State Conference, numerous Federated Garden Clubs, home and garden shows, libraries and civic groups.

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It sounds like an oxymoron. "Spring Bulbs for Fall Planting". But the fact is if you want to "tiptoe through the tulips" next spring you've GOT TO plant them in the fall.

Don't miss out! WESTVIEW FARMS, LLC is proud of our reputation for providing the freshest, finest quality, top grade and size, spring flowering bulbs. We personally select each variety of Allium, Tulip, Daffodil and "Minor Bulb" that we offer. Our collection contains varieties and cultivars that we consider superior - 'must haves' for your gardens and landscapes.

We offer these selections to you every fall at

the Holland Farmers Market

and at

open in Fall by Chance or Appointment
616 396-8858

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Dutch Winterfest & Kerstmarkt

You can find out more about Dutch Winterfest and the Kerstmarkt (where WESTVIEW FARMS will be marketing lovely living Christmas Trees starting the Friday following Thanksgiving) by clicking here. This link will take you to the Kerstmarkt page on the Holland Convention & Visitors Bureau site. You'll find the dates, directions and hours as well as a description and images.

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WESTVIEW FARMS continues at the

Holland Farmers Market
AND we are still excited that WESTVIEW FARMS, LLC will be at our regular booth under "the canopy" at the 8th Street Market Place, on 8th Street at Pine Avenue, every Wednesday and Saturday, through November. Come shop for WESTVIEW's top quality plants at this beautiful market.The first Saturday market BEGINS Saturday, May 20th!

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This year's growing season is already underway!

We are busy under the greenhouse canopies preparing for a great season - our

34nd annual season

Perennials & Herbs

We will invite you to join with us at our first event

in celebration of this 2017 season:


Saturday, March 11, 2017


Grand Haven Community Center

421 Columbus Street

Grand Haven, Michigan

more details at or visit

Lee and Kay, long time members of the West Michigan Nursery & Landscape Association, will be there alongside their professional friends to host a stimulating day filled with informative sessions bound to send you home inspired to get gardening!


The next event comes in May!


Art Tour

May 13th-14th 2017

Westview Farms LLC will be hosted at the amazing

Stone Forest Pottery

5955 141st Ave
Holland, MI 49423

the studio of Teresa Wooden.  Teresa works in stoneware and porcelain, specializing in sgraffito (carved designs through colored clay layers).  She will also have garden art such as bird houses and feeders, fountains, garden totems and decorative planters.  Teresa's studio is attached to a unique underground home.  You are invited to tour the rooftop garden she planted in 2016, featuring lavender, perennials, and a unique straw bale vegetable garden.  Visit the Fairy Garden along the woodsy path.  In the studio, enjoy Painted Lady butterflies that will have just emerged from their chrysalides and are free to fly through the space!  Snacks and beverages will be offered.

to celebrate area artists and growers (us) on Mothers' Day Weekend!

Teresa will be hosting us,

Westview Farms LLC, and we will have our fine perennials, herbs, edibles, ornamentals, and specialty shrubs ready for you. Kay & Lee will be sharing information and expertise about all their green and growing things. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with us and purchase our quality plants before the official start of the Farmers’ Market!

Learn more about it at


Westview will be bringing our great plants to our wonderful local farmers market: the Holland Farmers Market at the 8th Street Market Place.

That all begins Wednesday May 17th.

We will meet you there on Wednesdays and Saturdays!

more info at


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