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"Westview Farms is more than a's a good place with good people."
-Jason Kalajainen, Holland, MI

"It is always so exciting to visit Westview in the spring. You have such gorgeous specimens of healthy plants and always something new each season. You are so good at helping me think about what will work and what won't for the specific growing conditions in our gardens." -Judy Oberholtzer, Douglas, MI

"If you've got a plant that's struggling, Kay and Lee will be right there with the right advice to make it - and you - happy." -J.R.

"When we bought our house, the backyard was a wreck...Lee and Kay and their wonderful nursery have helped us turn it into a plant filled retreat. Now we spend hours picking flowers, harvesting herbs for cooking, smelling all the interesting fragrances and enjoying the atmosphere that the plants provide." -Jason Kalajainen, Holland, MI

"Westview's friendly and outgoing owners and staff have been working with us to develop beautiful healthy gardens for ten years now. We love to visit them at the nursery and at the local farmer's market. Their prices are fair and their product is reliable, healthy and artfully displayed." -Jan & Phil Coray, Holland, MI

"If you haven't been to Westview Farms, it is a 'must visit'. It will inspire you. We never visit without finding an addition for our flower beds. Lee and Kay have provided us with valuable information and many useful hints over the years. They are always patient and have been right on the money as to what plants will work in which spots." -K.D.K, Holland, MI

"All of our perennials and shrubs came from you; also a lot of good advice and guidance on what, when and where to plant and how to care for them through the seasons. Our yard has become a haven for us, our dogs, the birds, the butterflies and even the squirrels." -Ken & Rose

"Thanks to Westview Farms, our gardens are a lovely work-in-progress, our friendship with the owners deepening, and our sharing is a joy." -Jan & Phil Coray, Holland, MI



The motto on our logo "Our Plants Grow" was inspired by the comment we hear so often from Westview Farms customers: "We love your plants! They grow!"

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Westview Farms, LLC Perennials & Herbs is renowned for a comprehensive selection of hundreds of species and cultivars of perennials and herbs. Grown on our site, our plants are tested and proven ecologically appropriate. We also offer shrubs, bulbs for fall planting, garden related merchandise, and provide a range of professional landscape services.

PERENNIALS: Large, vigorous and well rooted, our perennials are grown in #1 and larger pots to allow a gentle transition from our nursery to your landscape, with no 'transplant trauma'. Our inventory includes:


perennials, herbs, ferns & vines
  • 'the basics' and 'the exotics'
  • 'old-fashioned' favorites
  • exciting new cultivars
  • flowering and foliage plants for sun or shade
  • ornamental grasses
  • ground covers
  • ferns
  • vines
  • natives
  • wildflowers
  • and more!


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Westview Farms, LLC Perennials & Herbs offers an outstanding array of herbal plants including:


  • Culinary Herbs
  • Ornamental Herbs
  • Medicinal Herbs
  • Aromatic Herbs


potted bulbs, spring bulbs & garden gifts


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  • Tomato Plants - including Heirloom varieties
  • Pepper Plants, Hot or Sweet
  • Tomatillos
  • Asian Greens

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We feature selected "woody plants" ideal for companion planting with perennials.


specialty shurbs & ornamental grasses
  • Broadleaf shrubs
  • Conifers
  • Flowering Shrubs (including West Michigan grown Rhododendrons!)


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WESTVIEW FARMS, LLC is proud of our reputation for providing the freshest, finest quality, top grade and size, spring flowering bulbs. We personally select each variety that we offer. Our collection contains varieties and cultivars that we consider superior - "must haves" - for your gardens and landscapes. In September and October our unique offering of bulbs for autumn planting includes:

  • Heirloom bulbs
  • Daffodils/Narcissus
  • Alliums
  • "Minor" Bulbs
  • Tulips (including species varieties)

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We sell a variety of gardening supplies, tools and gift items:

  • Bagged soil amendments
  • Organic Pest and Disease Controls
  • Fertilizers
  • Plant support systems
  • Handmade Westview Farms Hypertufa Planters (K-CreteT)
  • Westview Buzz BuggsT - recreational cat products <read more below>

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May we suggest giving our plants, supplies or services as gifts? Send us an email.


"Westview Farms has been the source of almost all of our perennials and herbs for the past fifteen years. We really don't think about going elsewhere as the quality and longevity we get from their plants consistently meets our needs. We have plants we have dug up, divided, moved and replanted and they have always prospered. Every spring is a chance to get reacquainted with plants that are older than our fourteen-year-old daughter."


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Westview Buzz BuggsTM

WESTVIEW FARMS popular, exclusive catnip toys - home grown, handcrafted and cat tested - your cats will love them, too!

$5.00 each
5 for $20 !!

Send us your order!

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