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"We always look forward to our visits to Westview Farms to experience the sights and smells of their many varieties of plants. We feel like we step back a little in time when we visit with Lee and Kay because they always take time to appreciate every customer." -Terry & Darlene Bouwman, Holland, MI

"Our goal at Westview Farms Perennials & Herbs is to provide an atmosphere that is 'beginner friendly', with selection to tempt the seasoned gardener." -Kay & Lee

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Premium Plants at

Two especially nice features are the "Plant Selection Wizard" and "Quantity Calculator".

The Wizard takes a little getting used to but is a great way to find a list of plants with specific attributes such as: deer resistance, evergreen foliage, or degree of shade tolerance - to name three of many. This list then links to a gold mine of detail on each plant with quality photos.

The Calculator is the cool tool that does what it promises - it figures out just how many of those particular pretty plants you need for a specifically sized landscaping job.

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Perennial Resource at
Here are 3 neat tabs:

There is nothing like a picture to inspire us to greater gardening so go in the PHOTO GALLERY for a tour. - lots of inspiration awaits you. Then check out the PERENNIAL ENCYCLOPEDIA - Search by Common or Botanical Name - your choice! Find your favorites and print out a wish list to bring immediately to Westview Farms! You'll find us at the FIND A PROFESSIONAL - pick Michigan for listings and you'll find Westview Farms Perennials & Herbs of course. Look no further.

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Chicago Botanic Garden at

Looking for a plant?

Go directly to Plant Information,

Then Illinois's Best Plants. Stop here a second and decide how you want to search i.e. type of plant material, hardiness zone, etc. and proceed.

Note: If you want to zero in on characteristics like 'attracts birds', 'attracts butterflies', 'resistant to deer', or 'native to Midwest'

Go directly to "Advanced Query",

Then "Wildlife Interest".

I was interested in deer resistant plants and hardy to zone 5 and BINGO! Over 200 plants were listed that fit those and all my other criteria. Cool!

It's a great place to visit in real time, too! Their maps will get you there. Plan a whole day!

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Wild Ones Native Plants, Natural Landscapes at

I'm a new "webbie" and found this a rich resource for the use of native plants in the landscape. "Wild Ones" has lots of ways to explore. As a former teacher, I chose to go to 'A Tapestry of Learning: Creating School Natural Areas.' The 'Web Resources for School Natural Areas' list is extensive! So set your 'time-on-line' timer and see where it leads you. I then went back up that page and studied 'How to establish a school natural area' since we've been approached by a community member about this exact topic.

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Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park at

We really enjoy having this world class botanic garden in our own back yard and like to keep up to date on what's going on there. There is always some event or exhibit well worth the "drive over" to enjoy. Some events require pre-registration so click on Events Calendar for the latest!

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